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Daniel Freedman
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Articles by Daniel Freedman

Title Publication Date
Bricks, Mortar—and Experiences Wall Street Journal August 21, 2017
Do you need to be in Silicon Valley to make millions in tech? Fox News July 8, 2017
A Muslim Woman Brought Here by Reagan. Pushed Away by Trump The Daily Beast March 20, 2016
Silicon Valley Star Search Wall Street Journal April 6, 2015
Book Review: 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things,' by Ben Horowitz Wall Street Journal March 7, 2014
Misread Nepotism At The U.N.: Why Siddharth Chatterjee's Well-Earned Appointment Requires Explanation Fobes December 23, 2013
What North Korea could learn from Myanmar CNN May 14, 2013
Push Now for Peace in the Middle East The Daily News February 17, 2013
Ailing Athens National Review June 15, 2012
In a State Over Israel Wall Street Journal March 27, 2012
The Obama Deal: Harvard for $6,700 a Year? Forbes February 22, 2012
What if Hugh Hefner were Mitt Romney's Great-grandfather? Forbes February 8, 2012
If Assad Survives, Peace with Israel? Forbes January 25, 2012
U.S. To Twitter: Stop Sleeping With The Enemy Forbes January 10, 2012
Cain's '9-9-9' Man: Plotting Hermanator II Forbes December 20, 2011
The Best Airport Experience In The World Forbes December 6, 2011
The Devil We Know: Why Assad Will Survive? Forbes November 22, 2011
What Will Burn and Explode on November 5? Forbes November 2, 2011
Protesting: Not just Tailgating for Hippies? Forbes October 26, 2011
Al Qaeda's Dumbest Terrorists Part II: The Human Polygraph Machine Forbes October 12, 2011
Al Qaeda's Dumbest Terrorists Forbes September 26, 2011
Pick up your copy of the new book: The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al Qaeda Norton (U.S.) ; Penguin (UK, Canada) September 19, 2011
45 Minutes to Interrogate the 9/11 Plotter Forbes September 12, 2011
Gadhafi the Diva and His Condi Rice Music Video Forbes August 30, 2011
Should the Government Tax Stupidity? Forbes August 10, 2011
Voters Beware: Your Next President Is About to Lie to You Forbes July 26, 2011
Obama: Plays Like Nixon, Bullies Like Bush Forbes July 13, 2011
Lady Gaga to Obama: Read Machiavelli Forbes June 28, 2011
Should Jesus and Mark Zuckerberg Be Barred From the White House? Forbes June 14, 2011
Obama's Upcoming Dilemma: Guantanamo or Assassination? Forbes May 10, 2011
Declare War on Doctors' 'Walt Disney' Waiting Rooms? Forbes April 27, 2011
Romney to Trump: Obama Doesn't Need a Birth Certificate Forbes April 12, 2011
Israel, The Third Nation on the Moon? Forbes March 30, 2011
Do Women Need to Act Like Men on Wall Street? Forbes March 16, 2011
Double Crossing Dictators Wall Street Journal Europe March 16, 2011
Understanding Today's Middle East: Dictators v. Despots Forbes March 2, 2011
Why History Will Forget General Petraeus? Forbes February 16, 2011
Politicians and Prostitutes Forbes January 24, 2011
My Weekend with Bernie Madoff's 'Criminal Soulmate' Forbes January 7, 2011
What (Reformed) Terrorists Told Me Forbes December 15, 2010
The End of Diplomacy As We Know It? Forbes December 1, 2010
War of military vs. civil terrorism trials Politico November 19, 2010
Will Obama Support Prince William In a War With Argentina? Forbes November 17, 2010
Strip Joe Biden of His Motorcade? Forbes November 5, 2010
Israel, Peace, and the Necessity of Leverage Forbes October 21, 2010
Two Terrorists the U.S. Should Assassinate on Tuesday Forbes October 6, 2010
Smile When the President Makes a Mistake Forbes September 21, 2010
What Really Led To 9/11 Forbes September 8, 2010
Are Vacations Bad For You? Forbes August 19, 2010
The Old Spice Guy For Congress? Forbes August 5, 2010
From God's Mouth To Tom Paine's Ears Forbes July 22, 2010
Why Obama Is Emotionally Detached Forbes July 8, 2010
The World's Deadly Israel Obsession Forbes June 24, 2010
World Cup Lessons For American Capitalists Forbes June 10, 2010
Crocodile Dundee Diplomacy For North Korea Forbes May 24, 2010
The Real Miranda Fix Needed Forbes May 14, 2010
The Orwellian American Community Survey The Weekly Standard April 1, 2010
April Fools, Again Forbes March 31, 2010
A Tale of Two Political Tempers Forbes March 8, 2010
What Would Reagan Do With Abdulmutallab? Forbes February 22, 2010
Book review: Wingnuts The Daily Caller February 19, 2010
Keep The 9/11 Trials In New York Forbes February 1, 2010
Britain's Battle with Booze The Wall Street Journal Europe January 25, 2010
Bumped? Blame the Government Forbes November 17, 2009
France's Greatest Military Hero Turns 50 Wall Street Journal October 23, 2009
That's "Mr. Freedom" to You City Journal September 29, 2009
The Customer Comes Where? The National Review September 2, 2009
When 'Freedom' is your name, everything changes Chicago Tribune August 23, 2009
Hugo Chavez Takes a Swing at Golf Wall Street Journal August 18, 2009
Fidel Castro Called Us 'Brave Cockroaches' Forbes August 11, 2009
'Dictaplomacy' Forbes July 24, 2009
The Effectiveness Of Harsh Interrogation Techniques Forbes May 28, 2009
No Secrets National Review Online April 7, 2009
The Wealthy Should Pay For Prison Forbes.com March 13, 2009
How To Succeed In Congress Forbes.com February 10, 2009
Obama's Not-So-New Strategy The Wall Street Journal Europe February 1, 2009
Wanted: Offense with a Touch of Class City Journal January 26, 2009
The Axis of Weakness The Wall Street Journal Europe June 2, 2008
Red-Faced Devils City Journal May 28, 2008
Arming the Panda National Review Online March 13, 2008
A Debate McCain Should Want The New York Sun March 12, 2008
It's About Rivalry, Not Camelot The New York Sun February 13, 2008
Can I Be President? The New York Sun January 23, 2007
Headaches and Poetry of Traffic The New York Sun December 29, 2006
Save This Man The New York Sun November 13, 2006
Armitage Kim National Review Online October 12, 2006
An Hour of Living Dangerously The New York Sun October 12, 2006
Daniel in the Dog's Den, Part II The New York Sun October 2, 2006
The Trout Surfaces National Review Online September 12, 2006
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs The New York Sun September 6, 2006
Catch-22 Dictatorships The American Spectator August 2006
Not Worth It National Review Online June 15, 2006
Move On National Review Online May 31, 2006
War Without America The New York Sun May 19, 2006
Making Crime Pay National Review Online May 4, 2006
Voting as Victory National Review Online January 24, 2006
Amend the Charter The New York Sun November 22, 2005
The English-Voting World The Wall Street Journal Europe May 9, 2005
Confused British Conservatives The New York Sun April 12, 2005
You, Sir, Are... The Wall Street Journal Europe February 4, 2005
When to Let a Dictator Walk Free The Wall Street Journal Europe September 8, 2004
The Latest Tory Infidelity The Wall Street Journal Europe August 24, 2004
Tony Blair and the Constitution in the Stone The Wall Street Journal Europe July 7, 2004
Zero Tolerance for Anti-Semitism The Wall Street Journal Europe June 30, 2003
How U.K. Papers Spin the Spinner The Wall Street Journal Europe June 10, 2003

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