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Silicon Valley Star Search

April 6, 2015  •  Wall Street Journal

A warning from Google to job seekers and recruiters: The résumé is dying. Through extensive trial, error and testing, the tech giant has found that the traditional way of attracting job seekers—post a job, screen résumés, interview, hire—isn't going to get you the best candidates.

That's because it reflects a misunderstanding of what makes a candidate successful in a job. It's not your work history or your grades. It's not how much industry experience you have. Nor it is whether you can solve brain teasers, or even show general cognitive ability, although that's very important.

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Book Review: 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things,' by Ben Horowitz
Born to a family of Marxists, Ben Horowitz now invests in tech startups. Among his winning bets: Twitter and Facebook.

March 7, 2014  •  Wall Street Journal

Every entrepreneur has experienced what Ben Horowitz terms "the struggle." That's when things are going really, really badly. It's when, as he puts it in "The Hard Thing About Hard Things," "people ask you why you don't quit and you don't know the answer." But there always is a way, Mr. Horowitz believes, and it's the ability to spot the next move during the struggle that separates winners and losers.

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Misread Nepotism At The U.N.: Why Siddharth Chatterjee's Well-Earned Appointment Requires Explanation
The U.N. Secretary General's Son-In-Law

December 23, 2013  •  Fobes

Siddharth Chatterjee has just been selected to become the new head of the United Nation's Population Fund in Kenya. It's a fitting appointment for someone who has successfully served in some of the world's most challenging environments. It's also notable because it's a position Mr. Chatterjee has got despite who his father-in-law is: The U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon.

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What North Korea could learn from Myanmar

May 14, 2013  •  CNN

What North Korea could learn from Myanmar

By John Kim and Daniel Freedman , Special to CNN

updated 9:09 AM EDT, Tue May 14, 2013


Editor's note: John Kim is a board member of Choson Exchange, a nonprofit organization that trains North Koreans in areas such as entrepreneurship, economics and law. Daniel Freedman is the chief strategy officer of The Soufan Group, a strategic security consultancy company.

(CNN) -- One question that policymakers might have overlooked in trying to come up with a long-term strategy toward North Korea is this: Could the Hermit Kingdom be the next Myanmar?

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Push Now for Peace in the Middle East
New Pressures the U.S. Can Apply to Hamas

February 17, 2013  •  The Daily News

John Kerry's declaration that he intends to renew the push for peace between Israel and the Palestinians received a predictable roll of the eyes from diplomats around the world.

Many talented secretary of state predecessors failed at this mission. Nor could the timing seemingly be worse: Hamas rules Gaza, while Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing government is in office in Jerusalem.

Nor does the old incentive for pushing peace exist anymore. Some used to claim that solving the conflict was central to dealing with other problems in the region. But the Arab Spring challenged that view: People revolted against and overthrew their corrupt rulers with no mention of the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

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